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  • Hellspawn: The Ashley Wood Collection

Hellspawn: The Ashley Wood Collection

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Hellspawn: The Ashley Wood Collection

Sku: 26246-5265
Data de Lançamento:
Estado: Mint

Idioma: PT
Peso: 70.00 gramas
C: 2 cm x A: 28 cm x L: 21 cm

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<p><span style="font-size: 12px;">&nbsp;don't like Spawn. The property has never been too appealing to me.<br /> I recall loving the idea of the "power counter" and Spawn expiring after that time, but ever since that concept was eliminated&hellip; pass. Spawn and his supporting cast seemed like cyclical filler.<br /> Heaven hates Hell, Hell hates Heaven, and Spawn is caught in the middle. <br />Yawn There are only so many places you can go with a concept like that before it is old.</span><span><strong><span><br /></span></strong></span></p>