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  • Star Wars - Crisis on Cloud City

Star Wars - Crisis on Cloud City

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Star Wars - Crisis on Cloud City

An Adventure For Use With STAR WARS: The Roleplaying Game

Sku: 018874400222
Edição: Star Wars RPG
Data de Lançamento: 01/02/1990
Estado: Light Played
Tipo: Normal
Idioma: ING
Peso: 100.00 gramas
C: 3 cm x A: 21 cm x L: 29 cm

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Chilling murder and intrigue abound as Rebel agents become detectives to solve a deadly mystery on the floating metropolis of Cloud City. It started as a routine escort mission. Famed Alliance engineer Walex Blissex was contacted by an old friend who had made a startling scientific breakthrough. But when the Rebel escort team arrives on Cloud City to meet this mysterious scientist, things begin to go wrong. Dead Wrong. Mystery leads to murder. Murder leads to deadly confrontations with killer droids and Imperial agents. And the Rebels wind up entangled in webs of deception, deceit — and death! The fate of the city in the cloud and everyone aboard depends on the Rebels and their ability to unravel the mystery before the knots pull tight! CONTENTS: 40 page booklet + Sabacc card game + separate Sabacc rule sheet.

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Título: Star Wars - Crisis on Cloud City. An Adventure for Use With Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game
Autor: Christopher Kubasik
Formato: 20,5 x 27,5 cm, 40Páginas

Preço: R$105,00

Preço Promocional R$69,90

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